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An unlikely basketball team of unappreciated middle-aged Texas women, all former high school champs, challenge the current high school girls’ state champs to raise money for breast cancer prevention. Sparks fly as the women go to comic extremes to prove themselves on and off the court, become a national media sensation, and gain a new lease on life.
Run time: 99m Tagline: Everyone thought their glory days were over. Everyone thought wrong. Release: 2013-07-12

Stars: Andrea Frankle Brooke Shields Camryn Manheim Daryl Hannah Eric Roberts Jessica Rothe Virginia Madsen Wanda Sykes

After breaking up with her girlfriend, a nightclub singer, Jane, answers a personal ad from Robin, a real estate agent with AIDS, seeking a cross-country travel partner. On their journey from New York City to Los Angeles, the two stop by Pittsburgh to pick up Robin's friend Holly, who is trying to escape an abusive relationship. With three distinct personalities, the women must overcome their differences to help one another.
Run time: 115m Tagline: A motion picture that celebrates the art of survival, the gift of laughter and the miracle of friendship. Release: 1995-02-03

Stars: Amy Aquino Billy Wirth Dennis Boutsikaris Drew Barrymore Estelle Parsons James Remar Jude Ciccolella Mary-Louise Parker Matthew McConaughey Whoopi Goldberg

Chinatsu and Kyoko are two close friends who live together and share pretty much everything, makeup, spoon and even their bed. They are so inseparable as to be almost a single entity. Yet they are neither a couple in the conventional sense, or in any other sense, since although Chinatsu is professedly gay, Kyoko is to all intents and purposes straight.
Run time: 78m Release: 2000-06-01

Stars: Chika Fujimura Hidetoshi Nishijima Mika Okuno Toshiya Nagasawa

Jenny Farrell is getting married. But how will her straight-laced family react when they find out that the woman they thought was their daughter’s roommate is actually her fiancée? As the old-fashioned Farrells attempt to come to terms with the prospect of a surprise daughter-in-law, they face a difficult choice: either adapt with the times or risk being left behind.
Run time: 94m Tagline: Family is worth fighting for. Release: 2015-07-31

Stars: Alexis Bledel Cathleen O'Malley Grace Gummer Katherine Heigl Linda Emond Matthew Metzger Sam McMurray Tom Wilkinson

Three down-on-their-luck, twenty-something female roommates are living paycheck to paycheck in a rundown apartment, when one night they stumble across $3 million dollars in a suitcase amidst the bloody aftermath of a drug shootout. Despite wanting to keep the money and smuggle it out of the country, the girls are forced into a final showdown and must face off against seasoned criminals who want the cash for themselves.
Run time: 92m Release: 2013-05-02

Stars: Brian Thomas Smith Carly Pope Diora Baird James Bamford John Rhys-Davies Samaire Armstrong

A group of cosmopolitan women passengers aboard the Trans-Siberian/Mongolian Railway are taken prisoner by Ulan Iga, a warrior princess.
Run time: 165m Release: 1989-02-01

Stars: Amadeus Flössner Badema Christoph Eichhorn Else Nabu Irm Hermann Jacinta Lydia Billiet Peter Kern Sevimbike Elibay Xu Re Huar

An adventurous love story between two young women of different social and economic backgrounds who find themselves going through all the typical struggles of a new romance.
Run time: 94m Tagline: There's a first time for everything. Release: 1995-06-16

Stars: Andrew Wright Anna Padgett Dale Dickey Kate Stafford Katlin Tyler Laurel Holloman Maggie Moore Nelson Edwin Rodríguez Nicole Ari Parker Toby Poser

When tragedy rocks Blackfoot High, rebellious outsider Maddy Killian shocks the student body by joining the cheerleading squad. This decision drives a rift between Maddy and her ex-girlfriend Leena Miller — a loner who claims to practice the dark arts. After a confrontation with the football team, Maddy and her new cheerleader friends are sent on a supernatural roller coaster ride which leaves a path of destruction none of them may be able to escape. Remake of their own 2001 feature film.
Run time: 89m Tagline: You can't kill their spirit Release: 2013-10-31

Stars: Amanda Grace Benitez Brooke Butler Caitlin Stasey Chris Petrovski Jordan Wilson Leigh Parker Reanin Johannink Sianoa Smit-McPhee Sidney Allison Tom Williamson

Jamie is moving in two weeks from Chicago to New York hoping to become a Broadway actress. Her best friend Jessica is bummed because she's not-so-secretly in love with Jamie. As moving day gets closer, Jessica tries to make Jamie jealous by dating other girls. But Jessica's plan backfires, in a way she could never imagine. Set in working class Chicago and infused with musical dance numbers, "Jamie and Jessie are Not Together" is a love letter to those gray areas of love and lust and to the young romances we will never forget.
Run time: 95m Tagline: Got It Bad for the Wrong Girl? Release: 2011-06-18

Stars: Anita Nicole Brown Christopher Meister Fawzia Mirza Jax Jackson Jen LaForte Jessica London-Shields Kate Lane Laura Chernicky Marika Engelhardt Sapna Kumar

Two co-dependent sisters, a recovering sex addict and a lonely lesbian who work as hotel maids in Fresno, go to ludicrous lengths to cover up an accidental crime.
Run time: 85m Tagline: They always find a way to get off. Release: 2015-09-01

Stars: Allison Tolman Aubrey Plaza Clea DuVall Fred Armisen Jessica St. Clair Judy Greer Malcolm Barrett Molly Shannon Natasha Lyonne Ron Livingston