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The film follows the story of Jamie, a struggling butch lesbian actress who gets cast as a man in a film. The main plot is a romantic comedy between Jamie's male alter-ego, "Male Jamie," and Jill, a heterosexual woman on set. The film's subplots include Jamie's bisexual roommate Lola and her cat actor Howard, Lola's abrasive butch German girlfriend Andi, and Jamie's gay Asian friend David.
Run time: 84m Tagline: Life's A Drag Release: 2007-07-12

Stars: Andrea Andrei David Au Fiona Hickey Joe McDaniel Mary Lynch Michelle Ehlen Nathan Edmondson Nevada Stonbely Olivia Nix Tiffany Anne Carrin

Ten women in Canada talk about being lesbian in the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s: discovering the pulp fiction of the day about women in love, their own first affairs, the pain of breaking up, frequenting gay bars, facing police raids, men's responses, and the etiquette of butch and femme roles. Interspersed among the interviews and archival footage are four dramatized chapters from a pulp novel, "Forbidden Love".
Run time: 85m Release: 1992-09-17

Stars: Ann Bannon Keely Moll Lois M. Stuart Reva Hutkin Stephanie Morgenstern Stephanie Ozard

Women (many of them lesbian) artists, writers, photographers, designers, and adventurers settled in Paris between the wars. They embraced France, some developed an ex-pat culture, and most cherished a way of life quite different than the one left behind.
Run time: 75m Release: 1996-02-19

Stars: Gisèle Freund Janet Flanner Juliet Stevenson

Two adventurous women in love are desperate to have their own biological child. They take a chance on an experimental scientific process and make sperm from their own stem cells. Pregnant with humor and unexpected twists, their journey ultimately confirms that all life is a gift and all families are crazy.
Run time: 82m Tagline: In the beginning, sperm came from men... Release: 2008-07-10

Stars: Alison Reid Angela Vint Maggie Cassella Megan Fahlenbock Michael Hanrahan Roger Dunn Rosemary Dunsmore