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After a crushing breakup with her girlfriend, a Brooklyn musician moves back in with her Midwestern mother. As she navigates her hometown, playing for tip money in an old friend's bar, an unexpected relationship begins to take shape.
Run time: 91m Release: 2017-06-15

Stars: Christine Lahti Dan Fogler Darren Ritchie Hayley Kiyoko Lena Hall Mena Suvari Michael Zegen Natalie Gold Rebecca Drysdale Sas Goldberg

High school athlete Cyd Loughlin lives alone with her depressive father in South Carolina, perpetually longing to get away from it all. When her aunt, famous novelist Miranda Ruth, agrees to host her for a few weeks during the summer, Cyd jumps at the opportunity. While there, she falls for a girl in the neighborhood, even as she and her aunt gently challenge each other in the realms of sex and spirit.
Run time: 96m Release: 2017-11-03

Stars: Dane Loperena James Vincent Meredith Jessie Pinnick Malic White Marika Mashburn Matthew Quattrocki Meighan Gerachis Paul Fagen Rebecca Spence Tyler Ross

Feeling confined by their small town and overbearing parents, Annie and Jules hatch a scheme of running away. The only issue is, they need the money to get there. Jules suggests the couple try webcam modeling. Although she’s nervous at first, Annie can’t argue when the money starts rolling in. But as the girls soon find out, consequences can blindside you. Sometimes violently.
Run time: 88m Tagline: How Annie and Jules fell in love and how it all got weird. Release: 2016-03-12

Stars: AJ Bowen Fabianne Therese Joshua Leonard Laura Covelli Lou Wegner Michelle Borth Nichole Bloom Pat Healy River Alexander Zak Henri

After her estranged brother's sudden death, young wife Lucia bonds with his fiancée through their shared grief and finds herself falling in love.
Run time: 88m Release: 2013-11-10

Stars: Andrés Aramburo Carolina Guerra Luis Fernando Orozco Manuel José Chaves María Helena Doehring Olga Segura Pedro Falla

A young woman in the Army must make tough decisions when her love for an older woman causes her to question just where she is going. Adapted from Deb Shoval's 2011 short film of the same name.
Run time: 82m Release: 2017-05-19

Stars: Bill Sage Breeda Wool Britne Oldford Dale Soules Kyle Monaghan Libby George Lola Kirke Madeline Hindmarsh Nicole Dillon Ted Welch

A rebellious young woman with cerebral palsy leaves India to study in New York. On her journey of self-discovery, she unexpectedly falls in love.
Run time: 100m Release: 2015-04-17

Stars: Doug Plaut Hussain Dalal Kalki Koechlin Revathi Sayani Gupta Tenzing Dalha William Moseley

Suspecting that the cecassion of the tides may indicate an impending earthquake, Seismologist Alice arrives in her hometown of Baie-Comeau, Quebec to commence her investigation. Soon confronted by numerous figures from her past, the unusual weather and inexplicable behavior of the citizens lead Alice to believe that something beyond her comprehension is occurring to her old hometown...
Run time: 115m Release: 2002-08-22

Stars: Geneviève Bujold Jean-Nicolas Verreault Julie Gayet Pascale Bussières

Holden and Banky are comic book artists. Everything is going good for them until they meet Alyssa, also a comic book artist. Holden falls for her, but his hopes are crushed when he finds out she's a lesbian.
Run time: 114m Tagline: It's not who you love. It's how. Release: 1997-04-04

Stars: Ben Affleck Casey Affleck Dwight Ewell Ethan Suplee Jason Lee Jason Mewes Joey Lauren Adams Kevin Smith Matt Damon Scott Mosier

An adolescent groupie zeroes in on her Blondie-like idol after the singer chances to cross her orbit on a publicity tour. Gradually their lives intertwine as, with near-operatic intensity, the film delves into the emotional dependency on both sides of celebrity culture.
Run time: 112m Release: 2005-11-16

Stars: Édith Le Merdy Emmanuelle Seigner Isild Le Besco Mar Sodupe Noémie Lvovsky Samuel Benchetrit

Five "older" actresses vying for the same role decide to walk out on their audition. They end up on a road trip full of adventures and revelations.
Run time: 82m Release: 2005-01-27

Stars: Caroline Peters Clelia Sarto Floriane Daniel Ina Müller Julia Jäger Max Herbrechter Ole Puppe Oscar Ortega Sánchez Rainer Strecker Ulrike C. Tscharre