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Photographer Billy and his girlfriend Sarah have just moved into a new apartment. They are no longer in love, but they content themselves with sex, often involving role play. Billy becomes enamored with their new neighbor Dana, who spends her days at home blogging and supplying drugs to a local dealer. The thing is, Dana’s more attracted to Sarah. Billy lays out a deal: Dana can spend the night with Sarah, and in exchange, he gets to have sex with her. Billy manipulates the two ladies to get what he wants, but he fails to realize the risk of the arrangement.
Run time: 90m Tagline: He's wild about her. She's wild about his girl. Release: 2011-09-07

Stars: Archie Adamos Bex Padilla Cisko Ibanez Jamilla Obispo John Hall Paloma Esmeria Rolando Inocencio

A fine arts student meets an attractive bartender, and the two women begin an intimate relationship.
Run time: 99m Tagline: A love story between two ordinary girls. Just you and me and nothing in between. Release: 2016-11-17

Stars: Kim Jong-su Lee Sang-hee Lim Sung-mi Park Keun-rok Ryu Abel

Cheyenne, a journalist, decides to leave Paris after being laid off and to settle down in the middle of nowhere, far from the society she hates.The trouble is that she leaves Sonia, her true love, behind. The latter, a teacher who loves her job, refuses to give up everything -including her comfort- to follow her. Sonia makes all the efforts in the world to forget Cheyenne, whether in the arms of Pierre, a charming anarchist, or in those of Béatrice, a gay woman who soon proves perverse and dangerous, only to realize that her heart belongs to Cheyenne and nobody else. If Cheyenne does not come back, Sonia feels life is not worth living any longer... Written by Guy Bellingerew found.
Run time: 86m Release: 2005-04-01

Stars: Aurélia Petit Christine Dory Guilaine Londez Luc Leclerc du Sablon Malik Zidi Mila Dekker

While traveling in Paris, author Henry Miller and his wife, June, meet Anais Nin, and sexual sparks fly as Nin starts an affair with the openly bisexual June. When June is forced to return to the U.S., she gives Nin her blessing to sleep with her husband. Then, when June returns to France, an unexpected, and sometimes contentious, threesome forms.
Run time: 136m Tagline: A true adventure more erotic than any fantasy Release: 1990-09-28

Stars: Artus de Penguern Bruce Myers Féodor Atkine Fred Ward Juan Luis Buñuel Kevin Spacey Maria de Medeiros Richard E. Grant Sylvie Huguel Uma Thurman

Charlotte is cheating on Micha with Mélodie. Not suspecting a thing, yet feeling neglected, Micha in turn cheats on Charlotte. But also with Mélodie. For Mélodie, things are topsy-turvy. She lies to both of them. She is privy to each of their lies. And is in love with both of them at the same time.

Run time: 86m Release: 2015-03-25

Stars: Anaïs Demoustier Félix Moati Patrick d'Assumçao Sophie Verbeeck

The Four Faced Liar is a story of love and lies for four twenty-somethings looking to find themselves in New York City... A story of love and lies for four twenty-somethings looking to find themselves in New York City. A pair of best friends and a seemingly perfect couple meet at a local Irish pub tucked in the winding streets of the West Village. Through their chance meeting, the four bond and over time all of their relationships with one another morph into love, betrayal and heartbreak for all.
Run time: 87m Release: 2010-01-01

Stars: Daniel Carlisle Emily Peck Gil Zabarsky Marja-Lewis Ryan Todd Kubrak

Gia Carangi travels to New York City with dreams of becoming a fashion model. Within minutes of arriving, she meets Wilhelmina Cooper, a wise and high-powered agent who takes Gia under her wing. With Cooper's help and her own natural instincts, Gia quickly shoots to the top of the modeling world. When Cooper dies of lung cancer, however, Gia turns to drugs – and both she and her career begin to spiral out of control.

Run time: 120m Tagline: Too beautiful to die. Too wild to live. Release: 1998-01-31

Stars: Angelina Jolie Elizabeth Mitchell Eric Michael Cole Faye Dunaway John Considine Kylie Travis Louis Giambalvo Mercedes Ruehl Mila Kunis Scott Cohen

Na'ama is seventeen. She lives in a sleepy suburbia. She is bored. With detached parents and a rebellious older sister, her life at home is a mess. It all changes when a new girl appears at school. She's introduced to a world of drugs, lesbians and sex. She's thrilled. Her life, at last, becomes exciting. Is it going to last? "Barash" is a coming of age story, planted in the heart of Israeli society, about a young woman who struggles to find her self-identity in an environment that has different ideas about sex, drugs and love.

Run time: 85m Tagline: A girl falling in love. A family falling apart. Release: 2015-10-22

Stars: Amit Muchtar Bar Ben Vakil Dvir Benedek Einav Levi Hila Gozlan Irit Pashtan Jade Sakori Koral Bosidon Oleg Rodovilski Sivan Noam Shimon

An unexpected affair quickly escalates into a heart-stopping reality for two women whose passionate connection changes their lives forever.

Run time: 92m Tagline: Where desire lives. Release: 2017-02-10

Stars: Andrea Stefancikova Daniela Barbosa Elise Bauman Erika Linder Jocelyn Hudon Mayko Nguyen Melanie Leishman Natalie Krill Sebastian Pigott Tommie-Amber Pirie

Trish and Deb Murdoch are in a rut. After 14 years together and raising two daughters, they find themselves in a mid life crisis where grief and attraction threaten their domestic nucleus.
Run time: 98m Release: 2015-07-12

Stars: Brianna Scudiero Gregory Brown Joseph A. Halsey Karen Sillas Kevin Brown Maya Guacci Phyllis Somerville Traci Dinwiddie Vincent P. Colon Yvonne Jung

There are many things in life that could do a number on a man's masculinity. Lenny Babbitt has his identity and manhood challenged when his wife Tracy leaves him for a female doctor named Iris who has been treating their autistic son Isaac. After losing his job, and wife to a woman no less -- Lenny's dad Jack offers him a job at his pawn shop where he must re-examine his identity, manhood and sense of self after meeting Chelsea, a young, free-spirited pistol that lives life on two wheels. In the end, Lenny realizes that there are no absolutes... only one's faith, sense of self and family -- no matter how it's constituted or defined by society.

Run time: 97m Release: 2016-05-27

Stars: Chris Bruno Daphne Zuniga Dylan Bruno Eric Roberts Helen Slater Jack Horan John O'Hurley Marie Avgeropoulos Mark Margolis Sean McNabb

On a Black Tar Road between nowhere and somewhere, two misunderstood women find love in between the cracks of hardships.

Run time: 85m Tagline: In the middle of nowhere and somewhere, addiction, secrets, and love happen Release: 2016-07-28

Stars: Adra Janean Fenstermaker Amber Dawn Lee Darin Cooper Gary Kohn James Black Jodi Skeris John A. Lorenz Leif Gantvoort Maria Olsen Noelle Messier

In the Yorkshire countryside, working-class tomboy Mona meets the exotic, pampered Tasmin. Over the summer season, the two young women discover they have much to teach one another, and much to explore together.
Run time: 86m Tagline: The most dangerous thing to want is more. Release: 2005-06-17

Stars: Dean Andrews Emily Blunt Kathryn Sumner Lynette Edwards Michelle Byrne Natalie Press Paddy Considine Paul Antony-Barber

April's Shower begins with a group of people gathered for a wedding shower for April. At first, it seems to be a normal gathering for such an occasion but, as time goes on, secrets and stories begin to be revealed. Alex is a chef and a maid of honor at April's wedding. She ultimately reveals her true feelings which ends up taking an effect on everybody at the shower.

Run time: 98m Tagline: How far would you go for true love? Release: 2003-10-15

Stars: Arly Jover Denise Miller Honey Labrador Joe Tabbanella Maria Cina Molly Cheek Randall Batinkoff Samantha Lemole Trish Doolan Zack Ward

A family of friends is forever changed when two of the friends realize that their love for one another goes beyond the confines of their conventional relationship.

Run time: 85m Release: 2000-12-12

Stars: Kerry Leigh LePage Lisel M. Gorell Rini Starkey Stacy Marr Tim McMillan