South of Nowhere

The Carlin family moves from small town Ohio to Los Angeles to find life's not the same. And neither are they.
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Thomas W. Lynch
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Tom Lynch Company
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Season 0

1 Episodes

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Season 1

11 Episodes

Air Date: 2005-11-04

Embark on the journey of self discovery with the Carlin Family in season 1 of South of Nowhere. As Spencer and her family adjust to their new life in LA, they find themselves unprepared for the fast paced, ethnically rich, "anything goes" environment. It's about growing up and taking responsibility for your choices, your beliefs and your heart.

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Season 2

13 Episodes

Air Date: 2006-09-29

Continue the journey with the South of Nowhere gang. As Spencer and her family settle into life in southern California, Spencer struggles to come out to her family about her relationship with Ashley while Aiden struggles with his feelings as he realizes that he is still in love with Ashley. Through life's unexpected twists and turns, Spencer, Ashley, Aiden, Clay, Glen and friends continue trying to define themselves and make sense of their lives.

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Season 3

16 Episodes

Air Date: 2007-08-10

Tragedy takes hold at the start of South of Nowhere's third and final season as the prom-night shooting claims its victims and Spencer and Ashley struggle to make sense of their relationship in the aftermath. For Ashley this means dropping out of school, grabbing Kyla and leaving home to find herself and start anew in the world outside. But will she only find herself falling back into old habits and old relationships? Meanwhile this leaves Spencer to face being the "out" girl in school without Ash to protect her. Will the series' end see Spencer and Ashley reunited, or will life have other plans for this star-crossed couple? Got it all figured out? Think again.

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