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Veronika is in love with her friend Nora and they are hanging out together. But during a brief walk, she realizes that Nora has a lot of doubts.

Run time: 3m Release: 2009-10-20

Stars: Amanda Lippert Lin Laurin

Set in 1982 against the backdrop of the insurgency in El Salvador, Lucha traces the plight of two women in love whose only respite from the battles raging against their oppressive government is the solace found in each other's arms.

Run time: 15m Release: 2009-10-31

Stars: Eloisa Ramos Maria Carolina Morales A. Samuel González

This short film tells the story of two women, who have secretly been in love for years. Now, the time has come to inform their families.

Run time: 6m Release: 2016-11-06

Stars: Annemarije Heijerman Hetty Heyting Marloes van den Heuvel

This short film is a story about Vera who is desperately in love with Susanne. Vera is getting obsessed and hungry for love when her feelings are not responded. Egoism takes over and leads her in a bloody direction when she discovers her need to own something more.

Run time: 9m Release: 2018-02-17

Stars: Marianne Lindbeck Sarah-Stephanie