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Same-sex couple Eun-soo and Ye-won are living together happily. One day, a terrible traffic accident occurs and Eun-soo is seriously injured and her sister Eunhae dies. Eun-soo is disabled and Eunhae's daughter Soo-min became an orphan. Now Eun-soo and Ye-won are in a position to take charge of Soo-min.
Run time: 99m Release: 2020-10-28

Director: Han Jay

Stars: Kim Bo-min Lee Yeon Woo Mi-hwa

A NYC parody of that 'other' Sapphic series. Dot, artistic director of a downtown theatre, and her partner of 7 years, Dina, a crunchy-granola dyke, are looking for a sperm donor to expand their family. They throw a party to find him amongst the guests of their close circle of friends: Daynisha, a closeted WNBA player; Dixie, a bisexual journalist into S & M; Drea, the resident Butch heart-throb and dog groomer; Dex, Dot's younger FTM musician sibling; Dim, their next door neighbor chess coach and his newly arrived girlfriend Dani, a playwright curious about life in NYC; and Daria, the proprietor of the Drunken Pussycat, a bar where everyone gathers to gossip and kvetch. All of them struggle through much dyke drama in the Big Apple.
Run time: 61m Release: 2005-06-02

Director: Cherien Dabis, Noelle Brower, Maggie Burkle

A forbidden relationship between a student and her french teacher shows how passionate and exciting but also how complicated and painful love can be.
Run time: 15m Release: 2016-01-19

Director: Julia Ritschel

Stars: Elisa Schlott Eva Nürnberg Fabian Dämmich Jasmin Shahali Tabita Johannes

Photographer Francesca builds Maia's confidence while having to control her own obsessive and sexual desires towards Maia. As they spend more time together, Maia becomes the object of her obsession and things slowly spiral out of control.
Run time: 91m Release: 2012-04-14

Director: Amarjeet Singh, Carl Medland

Stars: Ione Butler Jake Maskall Laura Martin-Simpson

While walking in a garden of statues of women, Ester and her friend Adele see two women kissing. Ester then dreams of kissing Adele and later imagines making love to her while she is in the arms of Oscar, her husband. She confesses her passion to Adele and also tells Oscar that she loves another. His jealousy takes over: he assumes it's a man, and he begs Adele to help him discover this rival's identity. Eventually Ester tells him she loves a woman. This makes him even less reasonable: he jumps between bewilderment ("Am I a cuckold?") and violent anger. After he gets drunk and figures out that Adele is the object of Ester's unconsummated desire, he becomes dangerous.
Run time: 105m Release: 1985-11-01

Director: Lina Wertmüller

Stars: Alfredo Bianchini Enrico Montesano Luisa De Santis Mario Scarpetta Massimo Wertmüller Veronica Lario

Attractive uncompromising politician Mona Dengler is investigating the tobacco industry. Tomboyish bodyguard and single mother Johanna Sieber is assigned to protect her. This endangers Johanna's son. Mona unexpectedly falls for her.
Run time: 90m Release: 2005-01-01

Director: Markus Imboden

Stars: Alexander Strobele Barbara Rudnik Hannes Hellmann Helmut Berger Luca Maric Marco Bretscher-Coschignano Matthias Brandt Peter Benedict Peter Kremer Ulrike Folkerts

The story of a quirky love affair between Angi, an independent, no-nonsense social worker from a working-class district of Budapest and, Ildikó, a young mother who recently separated from her husband.
Run time: 90m Release: 1995-09-21

Director: György Szomjas

Stars: András Szőke Bea Kámán Beáta Papp Ildikó Bakos János Derzsi