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Florence is an actress. The preparations for her next film will put her through an unexpected ordeal: an initiation with real bullets.
Run time: 25m Release: 2019-08-29

Director: Clémence Poésy

Stars: India Hair Pierre Lopez Sabine Timoteo

Elisa has lived with Manuela for five years but they have to separate. This is the last morning they spend together where they will try in vain to say goodbye. Naked, among the steam, they will go through the domestic fights, the affection, the anger, the guilt, the jokes and the sorrows; they will look at each other in detail, trying to capture the last fragments of a relationship that melts away, that goes with the water.
Run time: 10m Release: 2011-02-09

Director: Pepa San Martín

Stars: Luz Croxatto Manuela Oyarzún

A fascinating and unlikely reinvention story, The Royal Road simultaneously explores cinematic spiritual channeling, the conquest and colonization of Mexico and the American Southwest, fading historical Californian urban landscapes, and the passions found in butch identity to achieve an achingly beautiful and poetic defense of remembering. Probing roads from El Camino Real, to the Boulevard of Broken Dreams, to the road right outside the front door, Olson crafts a deeply intelligent and transcending observation of the human condition that reaches for redemption in the embrace of history, nostalgia, mindfulness, and sheer beauty. If you give yourself over to it, it will crack you wide open.
Run time: 65m Release: 2015-03-22

Director: Jenni Olson

Stars: Jenni Olson Tony Kushner

Sparks fly as racial, sexual and social politics intermingle at a lesbian potluck.
Run time: 23m Release: 1993-01-04

Director: Cheryl Dunye

Stars: Cheryl Dunye Nora Breen

A surreal look at the schizophrenia of a group of girls in a therapy session.
Run time: 111m Release: 1972-11-21

Director: Jane Arden

Stars: Ann Lynn Elaine Donovan Jack Bond Jane Arden Jenny Moss Liz Danciger Penny Slinger Sally Minford Sheila Allen Susanka Fraey

In eighteenth-century France, a girl is forced against her will to take vows as a nun. Three mothers superior treat her in radically different ways, ranging from maternal concern, to sadistic persecution, to lesbian desire.
Run time: 140m Release: 1967-07-26

Director: Jacques Rivette

Stars: Anna Karina Charles Millot Christiane Lénier Francine Bergé Francisco Rabal Françoise Godde Hubert Buthion Liselotte Pulver Micheline Presle Yori Bertin

Anna is a film director whose job takes her all over western Europe. In each place she either already has some intimate connection, or readily makes one. People seem drawn to her, but inevitably insist on sharing their inmost secrets and discontents with her, despite her obvious and profound lack of interest in these revelations. This does not deter Anna from continuing to meet people, and she genuinely connects with them occasionally, as when she sees her mother briefly in Brussels.
Run time: 128m Release: 1978-10-08

Director: Chantal Akerman

Stars: Alain Berenboom Aurore Clément Françoise Bonnet Hanns Zischler Helmut Griem Jean-Pierre Cassel Lea Massari Magali Noël Victor Verek

A blending of documentary and experimental narrative strategies, combining stunning 16mm landscape cinematography with a bold, lyrical voice-over to share two San Francisco stories: the history of the Golden Gate Bridge as “suicide landmark,” and the story of a butch dyke in San Francisco searching for love and self-discovery. The Joy of Life is a film about landscapes, both physical and emotional.
Run time: 65m Release: 2005-05-22

Director: Jenni Olson

Stars: Harry Dodge Lawrence Ferlinghetti