Handsome Stewardess

Three Singaporean contestants went to a bar their last night in Taiwan. Holly, the tomboy bartender, gifted Meng Lian with a mixed drink called ‘Love in the Clouds.’ Suddenly a fight ensued in the bar, but Meng Lian, a national karate champion, successfully stopped the dispute. For Holly, it was love at first sight. Eventually Meng Lian also fell in love despite the distance between their homes. To save flights costs and meet more frequently, Holly applied to become a stewardess. Her height, high IQ and language skills made her an ideal flight attendant. However, she resisted wearing make-up, high heels or a pencil skirt for her interview. Fortunately, their friend, Jerry, was willing to help her transform.
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Season 1

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Air Date: 2019-10-25

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Handsome Stewardess