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In a reimagining of the TV classic, a newly single Latina mother raises her teen daughter and tween son with the "help" of her old-school mom.

Stars: Isabella Gomez Justina Machado Marcel Ruiz Rita Moreno Stephen Tobolowsky Todd Grinnell

Terrance Foster is a schoolteacher whose priority is to be the dad his father, Carl never was. He allows his freeloading ex-wife, of two years, to continue living with him for the sake of their son. His best friend Omar is a scheming womanizer who tells what ever lie he has to in order to sleep with as many women as possible. Everything is going routine until Omar persuades Terrance to go to a speed-dating event hosted by the local radio station. Hilarity ensues as the two find themselves in sidesplitting predicaments with a host of different women as they search for love in this hilarious romantic comedy.

Run time: 113m Tagline: You can't put a time on love Release: 2009-01-01

Stars: Dawn Michele Dwayne Boyd Gregory Alan Williams Jason Sylvain

At a top Paris talent firm, agents scramble to keep their star clients happy—and their business afloat—after an unexpected crisis.

Stars: Camille Cottin Fanny Sidney Grégory Montel Laure Calamy Liliane Rovère Nicolas Maury Thibault de Montalembert

It's 1996 in a town called Boring, Oregon, where high school misfits in the AV and drama clubs brave the ups and downs of teenage emotions in the VHS era.

Stars: Claudine Mboligikpelani Nako Elijah Stevenson Jahi Di'Allo Winston Patch Darragh Peyton Kennedy Quinn Liebling Rio Mangini Sydney Sweeney

Sam, an 18-year-old on the autism spectrum, takes a funny, yet painful, journey of self-discovery for love and independence and upends his family.

Stars: Amy Okuda Brigette Lundy-Paine Graham Rogers Jenna Boyd Jennifer Jason Leigh Keir Gilchrist Michael Rapaport Nik Dodani

Frieda, a fashioncommercial photographer trying to find her own art, gathers her closest girlfriends from all over India to travel to Goa for a surprise announcement: she’s getting married! Thus begins an impromptu bachelorette celebration that lasts for a full week. A riotous roller-coaster ride of girl bonding; friendships, break ups, make ups, fuck ups, passion, devastation, hesitation, terrorization and self realization. Amidst the fun and frenzy, heartbreak and heartache, passion and obsession, youth and innocence, secrets tumble out, tensions emerge, bonds are formed and emotions run high. Soon events will take a more serious turn, but for the moment these women are determined to seize the day.
Run time: 115m Tagline: Angels. Lovers. Victims. Killers. Buddies... Women. Release: 2015-09-18

Stars: Amrit Maghera Anuj Choudhry Anushka Manchanda Arjun Mathur Jeffrey Goldberg Pavleen Gujral Rajshri Deshpande Sandhya Mridul Sarah-Jane Dias Tannishtha Chatterjee

6 / 10
A lesbian bachelorette weekend goes awry when one of the brides admits she's never had an orgasm.
Run time: 90m Tagline: Come on, join the party. Release: 2017-06-09

Stars: Angela Trimbur Constance Wu Doug Purdy Ever Mainard Gretchen Klein Jenée LaMarque Josh Fadem Káryyn Lauren Parks

Anyone But Me is a live-action, web television drama that first aired in 2008. The show is in serial short-format webisodes, each lasting between six and fifteen minutes, following the lives of a group of teenagers in New York City and Westchester County, New York. Anyone But Me was developed by Tina Cesa Ward and playwright Susan Miller from Ward's original work. Anyone But Me's initial launch and distribution was on Strike.TV. Subsequently it has been offered on its own website and other online video providers such as YouTube and Hulu.

Stars: Alexis Slade Amy Jackson Lewis Barbara Pitts Garett Ross Jessy Hodges Johnny Yoder Josh Holland Liza Weil Nicole Pacent Rachael Hip-Flores

Laura Hollis, a newly enrolled college student at Silas University, shares a room with Betty, who mysteriously disappears all of a sudden. Little does Laura know that after this fateful night, nothing will be the same in her life, starting with meeting her new roommate from hell, Carmilla Karnstein. "Carmilla" is a single-camera, scripted transmedia series that puts a modern spin on the cult classic Gothic vampire novella by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu. It's a story of a young woman’s susceptibility to the attentions of a female vampire.

Stars: Annie Briggs Elise Bauman Kaitlyn Alexander Natasha Negovanlis Sophia Walker